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Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection (3CD, Digpak)

Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection (3CD, Digpak)


1. Time And A Word
2. Starship Trooper
2.a Life Seeker
2.b Disillusion
2.c Würm
3. Yours Is No Disgrace
4.a Your Move
4.b All Good People
5 Roundabout
6 Long Distance Runaround
7 Heart Of The Sunrise
8 South Side Of The Sky
9.I Cord Of Life
9.II Eclipse
9.III The Preacher The Teacher
9.IV Apocalypse
10. America (Single Edit)
11. Wonderous Stories

1. Siberian Khatru
2. Soon (New Edit)
3. Going For The One
4. Don't Kill The Whale
5. Tempus Fugit
6. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
7. Leave It
8. It Can Happen (Single Edit)
9. Rhythm Of Love
10. Big Generator (Remix)
11. Lift Me Up
12. The Calling (Single Edit)
13. Open Your Eyes
14. Homeworld (The Ladder) (Radio Edit)
15. Magnification

1. Roundabout (Acoustic)
2. Show Me
3.I South Side Of The Sky
3.II South Side Variations
4. Australia (Solo Acoustic)
5. New World Symphony

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